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Making a Bethlehem Star and using a "CCP 100D" Bullet style 4 wire

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Hello to all,

Looking for info on using the 4 wire, 50 count, 5 volt CCP bullet style bulbs:

1. I'm making a wire frame and looking for ideas to connect bulbs, planning on a double row of steel rods to set the outer set of lights in between, the question is should I use Hot Glue, silicone, tie wraps or??? to hold in place.

2. I'm trying to keep the cutting of the 4 wire string (the other 50 bulbs for inside of star) to a minimum but know that I must make a few cuts due to distance, I know that i can go up one ray and down another and use the software to make it look like 2 strands. I need to find some green 4 wire flat  to use as extension as needed, does LOR sell this or where can I find??

3. I was planning to build in an ray style array but also I'm thing about installing as circles to cut down on the cuts however this might limit me in options for programing, I would like feedback on either or both options.

Any other info. that you think I might be missing would be helpful also.


Thanks to all that take the time to respond, and have a great day,


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