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The Demented Elf Is Back!

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The original "Voice of Christmas" is back Dementedelf Productions is ready to provide your with the voiceovers you need for your Christmas/Holiday Display. We've been part of your displays since 2006. Orders taken through Thanksgiving. For information visit www.dementedelfproductions.com or email dementedelfproductions@gmail.com

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Just got mine from Kevin. lol I don’t want my voice in my show! Lol it’s really cool. Highly recommended. You’ll get several files that you can use that have been broken down to categories. 
Open, close, final night, charity, neighbors.... also he is very quick to respond and I had to get something adjusted that didn’t take him long at all!

thanks Kevin!

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I have used The Demented Elf since my second year of running a musical show.  I also run the Demented Elf Radio Network on my FM transmitter for a couple weeks prior to opening night, and during non-show hours.  Highly recommended!


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21 minutes ago, weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com said:

I didn’t know you could do that. Is that on his website?

I assume you are talking about "The Demented Elf Radio Network".  No, it is not currently on his website.  I just sent Kevin an E-Mail and asked. 


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