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Where do you put your lights on house outline


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Just a curious question where does everyone hang their lights on their homes outline. Under soffit, top of gutter, bottom of gutter or other. Also like to know why you choose this particular option. What’s the good and bad of each position.

I bought a old home and the second floor gutters will be problematic to hang as I get older. Just looking at the future. I wonder what it would look like If I installed under soffit next to house wall specifically.

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I no longer do roofs  and I live in a single level house.

I use Plastic Gutter clips (Gutter edge) . Commercial Christmas Hardware brand I ordered from Home Depot.

These were great for Vinyl gutter at my old location, but were a bear to REMOVE from the Metal gutters ..The good thing about these is the also will slide under composition shingles, take a multitude of bulb/string sizes.

For places without gutter (includes Vertical), I used cup or L hooks and mini bungee when tension needs to be maintained. (cup hooks are also a great way to support cables)

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Not sure what kind of lights you're using, I use RGB strip lights and icicles around the roof line.  Mine are under the soffit and the strips are there permanently now.  I use them all year for the different Holidays each month.  Mine face out, but I have seen people face them in to wash the walls.  My house has a pinkish hue to it, so when i tried to "wash" the walls, it changed the colors too much.  If you look at about the 7:08 mark you can see how i did them.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY


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46 minutes ago, Little_b said:

If you look at about the 7:08 mark you can see how i did

Thanks exactly what I was look for. Got RGB for new home. But square nodes.

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