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help with an animation sequence


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how do I create a sequence to turn all the lights on once the evenings show is over.once the show is over I want my lights to stay on.
I tried creating an animation sequence but Im not sure why it isnt working.
I saved it and for some reason, it wont even show up as a show file .I cant seem to even be able to schedule it. however my regular schedule show up and works fine.

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I thought we solved this last night. LOL

Create an animation sequence with all lights on. Make it about a minute long.

In the show editor
Create a show and add your lights on sequence under the background tab.
Save the show

In the schedule editor
schedule the lights on SHOW for the hours that you just want lights on.

Running the sequence under the background tab, you will not get a flicker of the lights each time the sequence cycles.
If you have it under the animation or musical tabs, it will flicker each time.

That should be all there is to it. cha cha cha.....

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