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Encrypted files cannont copy and paste.


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I have 128 channels and fully paid license, I have Halloween show and Xmas show. When I take a .lms file from my build computer to my show computer or vice-versa, I cannot copy and paste to fix something. It gives an error image.png.93b34e7765991da91ef1662e096ac1ee.png. I have some sequences that ar not encrypted and some are for some reason. All made on the same two computers I'used for years. Some .lms files I can read in NotePadd++, others not. Why is this. Is there a way to save all my own home built sequences not encrpted or de-encrypt the ones that are encrypted. All are my own creations, I have bought nor downloaded any of them. My software is version 3.10.

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Somehow the file thinks it was created on a unlicensed computer. When a file is created on an unlicensed computer, the file will be encrypted. Doesn't matter if it really was/wasn't. If the software thinks that it was, then it's encrypted.

The only way around it to license the original computer they were created on, and re-save them, or contact support. (FYI, sometimes various upgrades and changes to a computer will throw off the internal markers used to determine the computer/license, and as such cause the problem.

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