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Is there a way to set intensity to 40 or 50% on a pixie 16?


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I have a couple questions about intensity and sd card programming so it is kinda two topics in one.. .  I have tried searching the forum but I may not be using the correct search terms. New to pixels this year so please go easy on me... 

First question,   I tried to adjust intensity of the pixie 16 In HU yesterday, the lowest it shows for maximum intensity is 86% I think it was for the lowest setting allowed. Tried to set it but it gave an error message. Tried to click on advanced options but it would not let me go there either. Question is, Is there a way to set the pixie in HU or elsewhere, across the board for all sequences to 40% brightness maximum for every sequence or do I have to adjust the scale of the pixel tree in every single sequence individually?

Trying to see if I can set my pixie 16 to run at 40-50% for every sequence. Meaning tone down the brightness without having to use the scale feature in every sequence I have.

Second kinda unrelated but related to using pixie question

So I tested my pixie 16 last night. (What a long 3 hours lol for a pixel n00b)  Trying to use visualizer was extremely slow and lagged out when controlling lights even with the red adapter. So I ran test sequences on G3 mp3 director which worked great. But took forever to send one to the SD card (like 8-10 minutes) First question, is there a way to speed up sending to SD card in HU? Meaning maybe compress the data before hand? Seemed very very slow compared to sending a normal sequence to sd card. 

Could cpu specs be to blame? Seems fast with everything except sending to sd card.

HP 15" laptop db0xxx

windows 10,

AMD A9-9425 RADEON R5 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 3.10 Ghz,

8gb ram 64 bit o/s


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As far as I know, the Pixie does not allow toning down the level across the board or per output.  Most higher end pixel controllers do, but the Pixie is a very simple card.

As for speed, I am assuming you mean that you tried to control lights from Sequence Editor.  First question is what is your network speed set for?  And how many channels were you attempting to control (not necessarily how may are hooked up)?  Keep in mind that controlling lights from SE takes FAR more CPU power than controlling lights via the show player.

Never used any director, so can't help there...


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