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Pixie2D - Stand Alone Acting Strange

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I have had a history of strange behaviour with the Pixie2D stand alone functionality.  I have a Pixie2D (as the LOR CCC-II) running the most recent firmware (1.05).  I have two sets of 100 bullet pixels (100 per output of the Pixie2D).  I upload a very simple sequence of color blinking which takes 10,085 bytes (maximum states 100,000 according to the Hardware Utility).  The sequence is only 5.6 seconds long, and I've attached the file I'm using.

The best way I can describe the issue is that it seems to play more slowly than I program it to, and when it hits the end of the sequence it loops there is a quick jolt as if it resets to the beginning without having gotten through the whole sequence to begin with.  It's almost like the internals can't keep up with the sequence.

Worth noting - if I hook up a computer and play this exact sequence it works perfectly.  The issue only happens when I use it as stand alone.

Please assist - thank you!


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