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In the grand tradition of my family, I never finish, I just run out of time. I've had a ball with LOR and this is the first time I applied it to our Halloween decorations.

The video quality is poor. (I'll get that figured out). And I have two pneumatic props under construction that are not on display, a second song almost sequenced, and more lights to put out. (Yes I know Halloween is only a day away.) But what the heck. It's already more fun than our prior Halloween decorations. I've had the setup running for just over a week, adding bits and pieces each day.

If there's interest I will post photos and more information on the set up later. If you're in the area, drive by 562 Bovidae Circle. It looks better in person. ;-)

- Mike

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I posted photos of the setup and two videos to my SmugMug account. The videos are also on YouTube, but this way those who are interested can see the daylight pictures of the materials.

Halloween 2008 Photos & Video

I'm already thinking up stuff for next year based on the great work shared on this site.

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