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Setting up a Fog Machine for your display

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Hey everyone!

Check out my tutorial on how to set up a fog machine for your display. It all costs less than $50 with your setup! The Products I used are in the video description.




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Really nice job on the video. I may try this. I didn’t run the digger last year it was 34 deg here in AL where normally 90 so really just put the bucket in the driveway and beat feet inside.

In the past I used 100 mph tape and taped the switch on my remote down. And sequences it but this will make it more remote.

I was waiting for your garage to become fogged. LOL

Id it worked like mine and my inflatables I had to figure out how long it took to warm the oil up or fully inflate a prop and sequence it ahead of schedule.

If it took 15 seconds to make smoke I sequenced 15 seconds prior to the part I needed it.

Great job.


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Haha yeah that's why I cut it off so quick. I let it run for its full capacity, then opened my garage doors. The neighbors probably thought my house was on fire!

The great part about the relay is the fogger will always be earmed up and ready to go at seconds notice. No need to preheat or anything. Send some videos of you get it up and running!

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You can also use a CMB 24 port, just use a 12VDC  (coil) relay or 5V (if your RGB supply is 5V)

For those not trained in electronics: Relays (usually) have 2 ratings:

1) is the Coil that operates the contacts. That is what you pick to match the controlling device

2) The Contacts. These have 2 pieces to pay attention to. a)operating voltage and frequency. b) Not to exceed current rating when used with (a) (not all relays or switches have AC and DC ratings)

While the Auto Parts store has plenty of 12VDC coil relays, the contacts (insulation) also is intended for low voltages (plus the terminals are not always covered well)

Bryan covered contact arrangement. in this case any SPST or SPDT will work

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I'm going to add something here, although not part of the electrical setup/control, this is a suggestion for those who don't know. "IF" you want low lying ground fog as opposed to just fog up in the air, all you need to do is add a flexible hose to the output of the fog machine. Then route it through the side of an old ice bucket, filled with ice or maybe dry-ice and another output hose from the opposite side. That output hose can be directed wherever you wish and you'll be surprised to see the fog staying nice and low against the ground. Yes, you can do a couple of hoses to different locations, with reduced volume of course. Sort of visualize a prop that gives off fog...instead of just blowing out, it flows down the side onto the ground and slowly spreads out. I do not know but I "think", the lower the temperature of the ice bucket, the better it'll work. I truly don't know if that's fact or not but someone here will be able to say better...difference between Ice and CO2. I know a lot about LN2/GN2 but those are not viable for our displays.

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