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ok, really made a bad mistake here............I had a couple of kits (CTB16Kpcv1) delivered this year (thanks to my stepson)!!!!!!!!!!!! All went perfect except for one thing overlooked, my U1 socket, the 8 pin I did NOT solder first. I accidentally soldered the U1 RS485 directly to the board!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! Will it still work ok without the spacer deal or will it mess the board up. How do I de-solder the deal off, I do have a de-solder bulb plastic deal but am struggling trying to make my decision here. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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I second that. And, if it ever does fail, you can cut all the pins off the package, and pull them individually, instead of having to get them all unsoldered, and loose at once.

- Kevin

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