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CCR16 help. New to Pixels but not to LOR


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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for some help/advice.

I am looking at purchasing the CCR16 tree to add on to my LOR show I already run.  I am a newbee to the Pixel stuff but not the LOR stuff.  We run a large light show here and we do it to raise food donations for the local food banks.  Last couple years we brought in over 400 pounds of food for them.  Hope to do better this year but wanted to add to the show this year with the CCR16 kit.

Ok, Here are my questions......
If I purchase the CCR16 tree kit can you incorporate it into an existing sequence?  Say I get the WOW sequence for the CCR and I already have a show on my LOR for WOW.  Will it add into it... and how?
How tall is this and what size pole will I need to construct?
Do I need anything else that I dont already have?  I have the USB/RJ45 and LOR software v4.3.34 Pro.
Does anyone know where I can get the Pixel star for this kit?
I see a few website (LOR approved sites) so who should I go through to order this.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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No better place to buy an LOR tree kit than from LOR.

If you already know how to sequence them yes you can add it to your sequences.

You only need to add it to your config in the appropriate network.

The pixie16 is the easiest pixel controller to set up. I have an entire tutorial at the top of the General Hardware section of the forums.

You will need the red high speed adapter and if you can a spare.

The CCR ribbons are about 16’ , the pole should probably be at least 18’

There are several places to purchase the coro or wireframe RGB star and the designs are as many as places that sell them Gilbert Engineering, HC, Boscoyo ti name a few.

Feel free to ask if you have additional questions.


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I too am adding the LOR CCRII tree kit this year. I already have several superstar sequences for it. As for the RGB star I'd suggest buying the one from Brian Bruderer. Here is the link for it. www.superstarlights.com/SuperStarConstruction/RGBStarPurchase.php

He also sells the mounting plate and drop down bracket to mount the CCR's to.

I got it but haven't put it together yet. Looks to be very good quality and Brian packs it very well.

Hope this helps. Have a great day and stay safe.


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