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Loss of sync when Playing From Selection


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I have programmed one song successfully for XMAS, but now I'm trying to rush one out for a quick Halloween display.

I'm in the sequencer, and I'm viewing my animation for the sequence. When I play from the start of the song, everything is in sync throughout the whole song. But when I start the song from a selection point, the sync goes to crap.

This didn't happen with my Xmas song.

I NEED to be able to start from a different point than the beginning; just too difficult to edit otherwise.

I have gone through all of the options and made sure I'm not enabling any potentially memory-hogging features.

I have quit and restarted LOR. I have also shut down all other programs on my PC. Running XP with LOR 2.0.16. PC is plenty fast enough. Only thing lef tto do is reboot the PC. Maybe that will work...

Could it be the MP3? I downloaded it directly from Amazon.

I'm really out of time here, so any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: I've tried rebooting PC, and creating a new sequence as a test. Still gets out of sync when I start from Selection, or even when I freeform select (I think that's what it's called). But remember, if I change to start from beginning, it's perfectly in sync.

The only thing left to try is running it on a different PC, which I will do tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I have a feeling it's the MP3. That would really bug me, since I have no way of telling if an MP3 will give me headaches till I try it...

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Well, it looks like it was the MP3 compression. I own Replay A/V, which includes Replay Converter. It allows me to convert from just about anything to just about anything else. So I converted the MP3 to WMA and now it seems to be in sync no matter where I start from.

If I'm missing something which will bite me in the butt, please let me know.


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MP3s must be a constant bit rate; it sounds like yours is a variable bit rate. You can convert it to a constant bit rate or a wav using audacity (a free download).

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