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Pixel stakes in S4


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I am adding about 80 5 pixel pixel stakes to my display this year. I am not ready for the switch to S5, although that looks like a solution but been trying to migrate with just frustration. I can get the pixel stakes drawn in Visualizer but can't seem to get a workable / logical layout in Superstar. Stakes will be in a semi-grid fashion and need to have the SS sequencing grid in logical layout for sweeps, bouncing stakes etc. Suggestion are most welcome!

Perhaps someone has a .lee with pixel Stakes I can expand upon?

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After a lot of pulling hair, have my first set of Pixel Stakes in visualizer and in a grid i can work with in SS. All this is in S4 Pro (not ready to switch to S5 yet)

Question now is, how do you sequence these bouncy peace stakes? is there a relatively painless method?

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