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Possible Bug with S2 when playing partial sequences


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I've noticed this before, and haven't posted anything. I thought I'd write it up and see if anyone else is noticing.

The attached file should help my description.

In the example, say your selected playback range is from 1 second to 4 seconds. You'll notice that during this interval, channel 1 is on all the time, and channels 2 and 3 come on and off during the interval.

When playing this back in the sequence editor from time=1 second to 4 seconds, channels 2 and 3 will behave normally and turn on and off with the controller as you'd expect.

However, since channel 1 is already "on" when the sequence starts and doesn't change state, the lights for channel 1 will not come on during this playback.

Of course, it works normally when the whole song is played.....

Threw me for a loop when I first tried it, but it was pretty repeatable for me....Has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks, Randy

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I noticed something similar. I set the sequence editor to "Play Range" -> "Visible Screen", and "Loop at End". I loaded a sequence in which a channel turned 100% on at 2:45.34, and turned off at 2:51.76. The time visible on the screen was 2:43.00 to 2:47.20.

When I played this range (over and over), the channel in question turned on at 2:54.34 as expected, but when it looped back to 2:43.00, the channel remained on. That is, the lights connected to that channel stayed on, but the animation window turned it off.

This behavior is entirely expected and shouldn't be changed. The sequence told that channel to turn on at 2:54.34 and stay on for 6.42 seconds. Before that 6.42 seconds expired, the sequence editor had looped back and told it to turn on again.

Since you will never use the "Loop at End" in an actual show, (You won't use the sequence editor for an actual show!) you can expect things like this to happen.

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