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cmb24 color shift


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Hey all.  I am trying to do a small static light display for the 4th using only my cmb24.  It is in standalone mode running the 10w floods. Animation sequence only.  I only have the lights on.  No shimmers or twinkles or any action at all.  Just ON.  

The 4th light fixture is supposed to be white but for some reason it is appearing as a very light blue.  I have verified the sequence and color selection but for some reason this 1 fixture does not seem to be working right.  Is there a connection in the controller that I can check?  None of the fixtures have extension cables and no network is connected.  


The picture below ( If this works :)   ) shows kinda what im dealing with

image1 (2).jpeg

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Off-hand, it could be a couple of things.  I would start by swapping a couple of the floods (i.e. take #4 and make it #1 and make #1 #4).  If the light blue color moves to the #1 spot, then you know it's an issue with the flood.  If it still stays in position #4, then you're probably looking at some type of voltage drop.  

If it's the flood, then I would carefully inspect all of your wiring and connectors.  Make sure the connectors don't have any corrosion on them (happens frequently) and that the wiring hasn't disintegrated (rare but I've had it happen).  After that you're probably looking at a bad LED chip.  I've replace more bad LED chips than I care to admit.

If it's a voltage drop I would carefully inspect all of your connections on the CMB24D.  Sometimes a stray strand or two of wire escapes the connector and causes issues.  If you have a volt-ohm meter you could measure the output off each channel and see if there's a drop coming off of the card.  

Also, how big is your power supply.  You'll want to make sure its sized large enough that it can drive all 8 floods when they are on full white.


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The red channel for whatever reason is not on.

The possible causes are.

Red channel not programmed.

Red channel on that fixture is broken.

Red wire not connected to board on that port. Eyeball the board connectors for a loose red wire.

Connector not connected firmly, or has a problem.

Try the following.

Triple check the programming.

Unplug and replug the connector. Make sure it it firmly plugged in. Try wiggling it.

Plug the bad light into another channel, and a good light into the bad channel.

If the problem moves with the light, the fixture or it's wiring has an issue.

If the problem stays with the channel, it's either the wiring for that channel or possibly a problem on the board.



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Use the HU to just for a quick test, set channel 10  (port4 Red) on, do the same for each of the others (G,B)

As others have said. Move the Flood to another port. if the trouble follows, it is from the plug to the LED.

if that is fine:

Inspect the connections to the board, be diligent that the insulation DID NOT  make it into the clamp zone.

Look for corrosion or Discoloration (sign if heat from high resistance)

You need at least 80W supply if all floods are White. personally, I would not have less than 100W, better reserv for rapid intensity changes.

Note: a port can easily support 2 @ of those floods. IIRC LOR sells a Y for that purpose

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