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Connecting CMD16-V3 to Falcon F16-V3 controller


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I need to ask a newbie question with relation to connecting a LOR controller to my F16V3.

The LOR controller is a CMB16-V4  total of 16 channels, when handles low voltage devices. Also using X lights to control my show

I've changed the jump pins on DMX3 to LOR and have connected the CMB16-V4 via a standard CAT5 cable. I open the falcon config page, under serial outputs #3 mode = serial data, type = DMX  start address = 65. (i having moving heads and smoke machine taking up channels 1-65)

I add the fixture in x lights and I can't get anything to work.

I'm sure I'm missing some key data, but any guidance would be much appreciated.

Running windows 10 and can get the moving head and pixels to run.

Kind regards

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He has asked the same question on the Falcon forum.  He has the CMB-16 set to Unit ID 05 - which should be correct.

Does the status light on the CMB-16 go solid when everything is hooked up?

Do the lights come on when using the Falcon test page?

I can't help on the xLights side of it.


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Are you using a a universe that is assigned to the falcon for the DMX serial output

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