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Local lightster, idk if he’s in here or not.

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This is Jerry Hite YouTube. He’s in Lexington SC, about an hour from my house. IDK if he’s in here or not.. I’ve watched a few of his videos off my wife’s Facebook. He goes into some details on Facebook... And he’s been on the local news a lot.... he has raised SEVERAL thousand dollars for the make a wish foundation..I’ve seen him on the news several times...... Check out his fan blades he made in front of his house this past year . pretty cool. 


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I had 2 Marty fans in my display off and on from 2009 to 2013. One year I had to Mega Trees, the next year 2 Fans instead of the Mega Trees. I used the frame a12 foot trampoline to make the 2 fans. Then I made 2 smaller fans from an 8ft trampoline and that way I could have 2 Mega Trees & 2 Fans, 4 arches and up to 16 mini trees...(2 colours). Then I made a different kind of fan for the 2019 season. Looks like fan blades.

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2 hours ago, weigh2fast4u@yahoo.com said:

thats a lot of trampolines! and these look pretty simple to build. 

I use trampolines for my megatrees bases. Thet keep them off the ground and the spring holes are evenly spaced so it assists in spacing the strands. 

You can find them on Craigslist in most cases for free because the owners think they look like junk. Since most frames are AL they look brand new.

Mine were donated to me by neighbors


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That’s very creative! I’m pretty sure I can find one of those. I don’t have the yard for all those....my next one will though!... my wife is going to be mad when we start 2nd house shopping and I say,,, “I can’t run my lights on that one” 😂

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