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Changing Preview Group Arrangements

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On some sequences I want my roof outline to be arranged using the "Use Preview" arrangement. On other sequences I want the roof outline to use the "Nested Stack" arrangement. I use the different arrangements to change the way the effects look. Some effects look better on different ones. Currently if I change the arrangement on one sequence, it will change on all sequences that use that preview. Is there a way to use different arrangements on different sequences so it doesn't change all of them? I currently have to have 2 different previews, one using the roof as "Use Preview" and one using "Nester Stack". Is there a way to change it back to like it was with S4 and older where you had to import the Channel Config for each sequence and then you could change the layout/config for each sequence without affecting all other sequences?? I have had that issue since I went to S5 last year. Just seems like it would be easier and less confusing if you could change the arrangement of each sequence affecting all other sequences. That is the one drawback I have had with S5 and it gets confusing having to have different previews for the different arrangements. 

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Easy.  Create multiple groups in your preview that are arranged differently.  I recommend using group names that remind you what it is.  For example, a couple of my groups are:

Pixel Stakes All (vertical stack)

Pixel Stakes All (Preview by layer)

Pixel Stakes All (Preview)

Pixel Stakes All (horizontal stack)

Make sense?  I'll bet you could tell what those groups are...


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You know I haven't thought about creating different groups arranged differently in the same Preview. Now I feel stupid for even asking that. Haha. I would delete the post just so I wouldn't look so dumb but I will leave it so somebody else won't have to ask. 

Thanks again.


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