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Anyone on here doing this? By the time I get mine back up it'll hopefully be over...


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Well here's an interesting development since I posted my last comment.

Along the same lines as what appears to be a movement of sorts.  Per the television newscast tonight anyway.

which is linked to with this https://www.wsoctv.com/news/trending/coronavirus-people-string-up-christmas-lights-brighten-dark-times-covid-19-pandemic/OUVIRHKOGJCWDDPG5QBBOQQ474/  as example

or google search       tonights national newcast coronavirus christmas lights

I just received a phone call from the owner of a local ice cream shop, She want to fill the parking lot with cars (probably in the hopes she'll sell some ice cream) and show a outdoor movie on a big blowup screen to help people get their minds off the coronavirus. 

She contact me as she wants help in setting up a fm transmitter to send the sound track out to the cars.  I wouldn't give her my FM-30B to use since it's irreplaceable, but do have a spare FM transmitter.


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13 hours ago, Dave Pursel said:

This was just on the tonights 6:00 news.

If I want a divorce I can do it!

Actually the more I think about this the more cons I come up with.

As the sun starts shining longer, its ultraaviolet rays would play havoc on everything.

If we were lucky enough, the coronavirus would be history by the time I could get 1/2 dozen or so non-xmas songs sequenced up.

Let alone another month to setup everything.

Can't figure out how I would deal with the grass mowing.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I love the idea, but it won't be happening at Lake Victoria Lights.

Hahaha, but at least I finally found the closest person to me so far. 40 miles to Laingsburg, I'll have to come see your lights this holiday season.

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