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What controls Visualizer mapping in SS seqeuncing grid?


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For simpler props, Mega trees, arches, hoops etc, it seems pretty straight forward to get the visualizer mapped to the pixel strings into the sequencing grid.

I am working on a new prop from Gilbert engineering, that has the following pixel count:

Outer Ring 72
Ring 2 24
Ring 3 24
Ring 4 24
Ring 5 24
Ring 6 24
Ring 7 24
Ring 8 24
Ring 9 24
Ring 10 12
Tree outline 101
Ornament Outline 102
Eyes open 38
Eyes Closed 10
O Mouth 18
Upper Lip 17
Mid Lip 20
Lower Mouth 29

I can't figure out the logistics in getting SS to have 18 rows of lengths from 10 to 102. SS merges rows from one prop into another. How does this mapping work?

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If you specify in Visualizer where each prop is located, allows you to exactly place each line on the sequencing grid in SuperStar.  For example, this is my grid from the last year I used S4:


It's been several years since I used S4, but I think I can help you with it.


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I have been playing with the Force Superstar Row Column, taking note that in my Horizontal SS, the rows and column designations are reversed in visualizer. I tried setting this for both prop and fixture. Only /real effect I see is if I physically move a fixture to a different part of the visualizer screen, it moves in SS. But if I leave it in its new position, the fixtures do not look like the prop I want

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As for Props and Fixtures, the Prop is first and Fixture is in relation to Props.  In other words, if you specify a Prop as location 12, 14, and a Fixture within that Prop as location 3, 5, the result would be that that fixture would be at location 15, 19 (12 + 3 and 14 + 5).  The other thing is that for the most part, if you specify location for one prop, you really need to specify the locations for EVERY Prop in that Visualization.  And I guarantee that you will tweek things a bit until you are happy with the locations - I certainly did.

Push comes to shove, I could re-load S4 on one computer and take a look at your Visualization.


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Thanks Jim, really don't want you to have to load S4.

Approaching this systematically, about 1/2 done now. Can't seem to get my hands around difference between force column/row in prop and how that interacts with force column/row in fixture (or vice versa) and how they interact



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Carefully re-read my description in my previous post about haw Prop and Fixture add up.


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