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Falcon F16 V3 With LOR S5


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Does anyone have any videos or directions on how to get a Falcon F16 V3 controller talking with LOR S5? I have heard people mention it will use E131 but thats all I know.. 

I would love some help with this because I want to upgrade from my pixies to a flacon. 




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The Falcon F16 is just another E1.31 controller.  Nothing special to make it work with LOR.

Since you are going from Pixie controllers (LOR network) to any E1.31 controller (Ethernet network), that will be a learning curve for you.  The fact that it is a Falcon controller vs a SanDevices controller vs a Holiday Coro controller vs a LOR Pixcon does not make ANY difference as far as S5 is concerned.  I have been running E1.31 since 2012 so I should be able to help with the networking concepts for that.

Off hand, I can't point you to any videos, but I would be more than happy to get on the phone and a TeamViewer session and I can demonstrate both E1.31 config in S5 and also a Falcon F16v3 controller setup (I have a couple hooked up).  I'm sending you a PM with contact info.


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Firstly you will need to brush up your ethernet networking skills. The Falcon can only connects via ethernet, and requires to be given an IP address on your network.

It is recommended but not essential to use a second dedicated wired network for the E1.31 to keep it separate from the regular traffic such as Netflix etc. It also avoids IP conflicts and allows DHCP to be turned off for static addresses.

I have a second Network interface Card in my PC, just for my Sandevices and Falcon boards. I also have two LOR adaptors for my remaining LOR AC stuff and my DMX lights.

You can also separate the network byusing a second router, but I find the second NIC simpler to deal with. 

For testing purposes you should be able to connect it to an existing network by just assigning an IP address on the board that is in the same subnet as your network.

For example, if your network is 192.186.1.xxx. Assign the Falcon a free address in the same range., for example. 

As I recall the instrucions for the Falcon are pretty decent, so start there, and then ask here for further clarification.

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