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S5 Motion effect editing issue. (Video request)

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I like the concept.  I agree with you that I was surprised that it didn't change the whole row to the new effect.   I use the picture effect a lot and I can select an set of columns and set the picture for it (although not for a matrix but pixels).   But I can see that it would be nice to have both methods. 

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Thanks for reporting the issue and creating the video to explain it!

After selecting the entire row and then selecting "Insert Motion Effect", the result should populate the entire row with the new effect. This is a bug!

What you *should* be able to do is select the entire row, then right-click and select Prompt For New Effect > Modify Existing Effects, and have it do what you want. However, that also only changes the first effect in the row.

Both issues will be fixed in the next release.


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