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LED Wash Light for sale


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Guest wbottomley

Derrick... that's a great light!

Like Jeff.... how much are you asking?

Some of us around here are BFPCG?

Banned From Planet Christmas Group

With NO remorse, LOL!

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There are no venting holes. I assume you are looking at the cooling fins on the back of the unit. These are sealed and IP65 rated. I have had the one out in the rain/sun/hot/cold without any detrimental effect. It does occasionally get a small amount of condensation on the inside of the glass due to it being sealed.

They are $375+shipping each.

For those who are banned, this is the post on PC:

I have three LED wash lights for sale. I talked the supplier into letting me import 5 as a trial, and I am selling the units that I don’t need. They have 36 1-watt LED’s in an IP65 (weatherproof) housing. They are rated for outdoor use with the one stipulation that you protect the DMX connection if you choose to use it. They have stand-alone programming built in so that you can use them without DMX if you choose. With the built in programming, you can set the fixture to the following:

One of seven colors steady on with 9 levels of intensity. Colors are red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, or white. For example you can set it to red with an intensity of 6.

Seven color change with 9 levels of speed adjustment. It cycles through the colors at the speed level you pick.

Seven color fade with 9 levels of speed adjustment. It fades from one color to the next at the speed level you pick.

Seven color strobe at with 9 levels of speed. It strobes through the colors at the speed level you pick. (Great if you want your display to look like a disco!)

The adjustment for the internal programming is via 3 buttons on the back of the unit. You also use these to set the DMX address.

You can also connect it to a DMX control. With DMX you control 3 channels: red, blue, and green. You can create virtually any color and intensity you want.

The base is heavy and includes two mounting holes. The head tilts up and down and locks into place with a hex wrench.

These things are fantastically bright and the colors are very intense. In the photos on the second post I am using the fade program, and in the pic showing yellow, I have the light all the way across the street on the opposite sidewalk.

I am asking $375 each plus shipping. If you are interested, send me a PM or email me at dbhoff@msn.com.

These are expensive, but I haven’t seen anything else on the market that compares for less. I am using two for my show this Christmas and my preliminary run with them looks really cool. If there is a great deal of interest I can order more, but I will need to order them in lots of 10 minimum. I can't get them any cheaper unless I figure a way to cut the shipping costs.

Since this is a support board for L-O-R and not a buy/sell forum, please e-mail me if you are interested.


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Derrick, those are some very nice lights, and I would love to drive the 25 minutes to come check them out, but I already blew most of my budget for this years show, and those will not fly...Sorry


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