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Converting roof CCBs from SS into S5 SE

Star Lord

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Last year, I designed my roof in S4 SuperStar with 16 channel CCBs.  Now I'm trying to import them into my S5 Sequence Editor.  My props around my roof are the connected line props.  When I right click one of the line props, and then "Insert SuperStar Effect", SuperStar opens but just for one channel with the connected line prop ... which makes sense I guess.  How can I import all 16 channels from SuperStar into my S5 Sequence Editor?



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After click on "Add Item" in Preview design, the second option in the list is to make a group. Make a group that contains your 16 strings on your roof. In the group, define the Arrangement to be one of the horizontal stack choices, or vertical stack.

Then do "insert superstar effect" on the group  and you will see the entire group in superstar.

Note that you can also do groups of groups. And by doing combinations of vertical or horizontal stack you can get the sequencing grid to appear however you want in superstar.

It will also help to view the tutorial on making Previews for smart pixels. Go to the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on "Tutorials and PDFs", the second tutorial is titled

"Sequencer (aka: S5) and Making a Preview for Smart Pixels" 

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