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Getting more than a 50 count of nodes


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How I do I get more than 50 CCP's per string when loading a visualization. I have made a prop of 90 nodes, but can't get more than 50 pixels when I load the visualization.

I am using S4 software 4.4.4 and have Advanced Pro and 40 CCR in SuperStar.


Thanks in advance.

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I don't know the best answer but I create pixel props instead of CCR's. I create them within the existing  visuaIization and can vary my pixel count to anything I want. I then Rename and save the .lee file

The newly modified visualization can then be exported to SS.  If you create a little sequence in SS and then export that back to an .lms file. Open it in sequence editor and you will see that SS has added your new channels into your configuration with your new props added. Export your new channel configuration and save it.

Anytime you wish to add these new props to a preexisting sequence just import your newly created channel configuration and voila. Fill in the blanks to sequence your newly added channels.


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