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After being out of the game for a couple years I did manage to get Halloween up and Christmas everything now is pretty much put away. Now to plan next year. I have two sets of cosmic color pixels which would be two controllers for strands of lights. I have been able to give them a unit ID. One set I am putting on a 5 foot municipal candycane. My problem right now is I don’t know how to get started with these pixels this is my first attempt into pixels and I am lost. I have an adequate license I’m running 4.4 I just don’t know where to start like I said this is my first dabble in the pixels any help to get me started will be appreciated 




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I pretty much put one pixel on each band [-red white red white] Up  one side and down the other

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I have created a new animation sequence with 16channels lor  and 1 ccp 2-50 light strings 

now what I am at a standstill

what is my next step?

i would like to set up a prop does any one have one with 50 pixels  

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I don't really have any props, but I have some old Halloween Sequences I created using 10 strands of RGB 50ct lights and 5 RGB Controller.  I created these to get an idea of how to set up and program the RGB lights before moving on to sequencing them to Music or adding them to other things.

If these might help, feel free to download them.  Hopefully they may help, or possibly give you some ideas.

You can download my RGB Animation Sequences here: Halloween RGB Animation Sequences

I actually used many of these as a starting point for some of my musical Christmas sequences.

Good Luck.

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