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Question about sealed LED strings.


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I spent the money last year and bought a bunch of strings of sealed C9 bulbs.

They are from one of the vendors that are spoken so well of here in the forum. 

My question is, during takedown of my lights from my trees, I noticed that a lot, and I mean lot of the lenses were full of water. And it doesn’t matter which way I turn them, if I shake them, nothing will get that water out. 

One, why did this happen, and two, the only way I see to remove the water is to drill a small hole in the lens. Do you agree?

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I had same problem  with phillips  c9's  also very hard to repair those, they are also the ones all the blue led's only lasted one year.  Last year I bought three sets 150 g20 leds from wally world, didn't notice each led had a small hole in the top till take down . Lots of the lites had water in them and one set was half out . the hole is tiny , what a pain . BUT we did have major rain this December. Now why would they make lite set with a hole in the lenses. I have some led c7  with holes also,go figure.


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