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First, hello everyone! I am a full time lighting design and build contractor specializing in outdoor residential.

i have started to build a permanent display in my backyard for showing the possibilities in lighting to potential clients. I currently have several controllers using fixed LED strings and some dumb RGB fixtures. I am switching over to 100% pixels. I realize I have my work cut out for me.

my question is: I am pouring a 20x20 concrete patio/dance floor and I want to embed lighting in such a way that it is serviceable. Any ideas? I am open to all suggestions...

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Serviceable is the easy part, people walking on it may prove interesting. Try searching for LED extruded channels.

Here is a real quick search (no knowlwdge of this company other than a random search) this is what i came up with.

A place to start.



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I remember seeing this a couple years ago. Might be helpful.  Sounds like a fun project.  He put lights in his tile, but a think the concept could be the same, esp. if you ever use flagstone or other type of paver material.



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