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Can't recognize and load files

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I just moved all my sequences and audio files to a new faster computer.  After getting some port issues resolved, my system can't load my files when I initialize the schedule.  I put the files into the new sequence and audio files just like the original installation.  I should mention that I moved from an older version (3. something Basic Plus to 4.4 Standard in my changes.  I don't know if that makes any difference or not but just FYI.  I would welcome any suggestions.



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Are you REALLY sure that you put files in the same directory structure.  This is particularly true if the new computer has a different operating system.  For example, My documents on Windows 7 is not the same place as My documents on Windows 10 or My Documents on Windows XP.  Also remember that even if the sequence files are found, you may need to re-map the audio files.

My solution to all this is to map a network drive that points to the actual folder location.  What that does, is the LOR files (as far as LOR is concerned) are ALWAYS in L:\  Does not matter if that mapped network drive is actually a local drive (my laptop for example), or a drive on my file server - it's always on L:\

The move from S3 to S4 and license level change will have no effect.

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Just want to jump in and say that the drive letter mapping is an awesome way to handle this.  Thanks Jim for the idea.  I saw this months ago and couldn't remember who had posted it!  I use 3 computers -  1 sequencing computer at home, 1 at work (small family business so I can work on sequences during down time) and the show computer. My "Documents" folder is in a different location on each of them but it doesn't matter.  I didn't have L:\ available on 1 PC, so mine are all on O:\.  I use OneDrive to move files around between machines and as soon as I copy them to their folders, everything just works.

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