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Hub SD Card build issue - S4 and S5


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There is currently an issue with building SD cards using Hub.  You will only encounter this issue if the following are all true:

  1. The first sequence in your show has more than 1 network defined
  2. You are using a G3 or G4 MP3 director with 2 or more ports
  3. The firmware on your MP3 controller is version 5.3.36 OR LOWER
  4. You are using ELOR protocol on any port 2 or higher (IE  port 3 or 4 for four port directors)

The symptom of this bug is that your director will be stuck on INIT after inserting the SD card.  Controller status LEDs may all briefly go to solid, and then change back to flashing.  PLEASE NOTE that these symptoms can also be caused by sequences or configuration, so do not automatically assume this is your issue.  If you see this symptom check the 4 points from above.  Only if they are ALL true, are you affected.

At this time we recommend to EVERYONE (not just those experiencing these symptoms) to upgrade their MP3 director to the latest available firmware.  Once you have updated your firmware, the issue is resolved.  This is the easiest and quickest fix for this issue.


Root cause:

There are 2 different formats for enhanced data on SD cards for MP3 directors.  There is 'regular' enhanced data, and then there is 'super' enhanced data.  If you look at the SD card, these files have .ENH/.ENz or .EXH .EXz extentions where Z is a number (the port) from 2-4.

In MP3 directors with firmware 5.3.36 or lower, the .ENH/.ENz files are used, and in 5.3.38 or higher, the .EXH/.EXz files are used.  

The issue is that hub is creating the files for firmware 5.3.36 or lower as .EHz instead of .ENz

An easy way to check to see if you are affected is to look at the files on the SD card created by hub.   If you have files that have an extension of .EHx (where x is a number from 2-4) you may be affected.

For example, here are some files created for a Show #1.


Notice the last file in that list is of the form .EHx.  


A bug fix release for both S5 and S4 will be done in the near future, but for now ->

We strongly recommend that you simply upgrade your MP3 director to the latest available firmware from our website to completely avoid this issue.  This is the fastest and easiest fix available, with low risk.


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