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Different Prop Group Definitions per Sequence

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What is the best way to have 2 different definitions for a Prop.

I want to use my Arches in 2 group definitions.  It would be unique per song, not switched within a song.

1st configuration would be Normal Vertical Stacked Arches.  Works great as I expect.

2nd  configuration would rotate them 90 degrees.  Primary reason is I want the effects to go UP the arches, not across multiple arches. (i.e. Fire effect goes from 1st arch to 16th arch.  Cool, but I want to have Fire be from the Right side of all Arches to the Middle/Top of the arches. )  In the normal configuration, I could not find a way to get the fire to go from side to top.

Once I change the configuration, will it affect all of my prior sequences.  That is what is preventing me from trying.


1.  Can I change the configuration sequence to sequence.   So I can rotate the orientation for 1 song and it doesn't affect the others.

2.  Do I need to create a second Preview?  Keeping the same configuration for all the props except the Arches?  Just select between the 2 previews?

THought I would ask the community, as you guys have pretty great answers/experience.



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I read your description multiple times and I still am not sure what you want.

Most of this depends on how you have your Arches props setup.

Can you create a new animation sequence (no need to add any effects) save it, and send the .loredit to me. That would help a lot. It's hard to visualize what you are without knowing what you have. I'll pm you my email.

Just for grins, I created a preview with 16 arches, and tried to do what I understand you to be asking for. Below is what I came up with.

It's animated gif of fire, I rotated the gif and applied it as a picture motion effect.



The animated gif I used.



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Now that I have seen your Preview it makes a little more sense to me. When I opened your Preview I could not see all the arches on my screen. To fix that, I highlighted every prop and that gave me the resize box (red corner squares), I made your Preview a little smaller so that all the props showed on my screen. I also added 2 more Motion Effect Rows to the group PixCon 16-DrivewayArch.

I used pictures of flames both facing left and right to show what the effects would look like on all the arches. I made the effect on the right side, and both sides just for grins. I also gave then a chase to show you that.

For the text, I did it 2 ways. The first way, the letters are jpg pictures of each letter, made the Movement - Left, then staggered the effects to show the right amount of spacing between each letter. (I think this looks best). The second way I made a jpg picture of the word KYLE and made the Movement - Left also.

You can open the pictures I made in any graphics editing program and look at the sizes i used as a base size.

Below is your New_Animation_Test Preview, and all the pictures I used in it. Download them and make note of where you put them. When you open the New_Animation_Test Preview, it will say it can not find any of the pictures, goto File References and point the directory to wherever you downloaded them to.

When you open the New_Animation_Test Preview, double click each effect you will see what picture I used and what what effect settings were used.

By the way the pictures are upside down and mirrored, this is because you have the PixCon 16-DrivewayArch setup as Vert Stack H Fill

Hope this helps.


This what it looks like when I play it.


To download and save the pictures, Right Click - Save As

Fire - Left and Right

fire%20left.gif      fire%20right.gif

The indvidual letter for K Y L E


The word Kyle


and finally you New_Animation_TEST.loredit file



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These are great solutions.  Appreciate the time you spent to help me out.  

I will add the Flames to a new song.  I have also struggled with controlling the Text using the Motion Effects, so I will try this out.  Seems easy enough with much more control!


Hope your Christmas Season is going great!  

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