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Running Shows On Demand


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Using a 16 channel controller being controlled via PC, is there any way to create an entire show and then rather than scheduling it to run at very specific times of the day, run it on demand?

I know you could just change your daily schedule constantly and keep scheduling the show for a few minutes from the current time, but that's a nuisance. I'm using my system for the first time this Halloween and would like to run the show on demand when I know I have a large group of spectators outside.

If I run it on demand from the Sequence Editor I can only run one sequence at a time, and I prefer to have no delay in between sequences, which I would have while loading new sequences in the Editor.

Any thoughts?

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Schedule a show for 24-hours a day, but don't enable shows.

To start a show, just enable shows. It will start momentarilly.

To stop a show gracefully, go into the schedule editor, and change the stop time to something before the current time, and save the schedule. The show will stop at the end of the current musical sequence (and any shutdown sequences). Then disable shows, and reset the schedule back to 24-hours a day.

To stop the show non-gracefully, just disable the shows. It will stop abruptly without finishing any songs.

Seems like someone once automated this by writing a program/script that changed the scheduler files out from under the LOR software, but I'm not sure how to find that post anymore...


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rwertz wrote:

Here’s a thread I found very informative. I haven’t tried anything yet. But I kept a copy of the thread for when I run out of things to do :?


Yeah, I was part of that original thread. Like he was saying, create a schedule, where the show runs 24/7. What I did was find the weeksched.lsc and renamed it Fullshow.lsc. Then created another schedule where the show doesn't run at all. Start up the computer and enable shows. Created a batch file that all it says is"

del weeksched.lsc
copy fullshow.lsc weeksched.lsc

Copy the batch file to the desktop and now I have an On/Off button. I got a total of three batch files on my desktop to start and stop the show just by clicking on them. If you are running an animation sequence, the show will change to the musical within about 12 seconds.. if you are running a musical sequence and click to change, it waits till the end of the song and then changes back to the static display.
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