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BEST 12 CCR Christmas Sequences

Jay Czerwinski

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My goal is to save hours searching online and through ebay.

I'm in a mindset to add a song or two to my humble smaller display with a 12 CCR tree as the centerpiece.     Free is cool, but I don't mind paying if it's a well done sequence.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE 12 CCR sequences?   And where can I buy it?

Either way, please let me know which sequences are your favorites - Thanks!!


MY favorite ones in my show:

1. TSO Sarajevo with the space invader type shootout in it.    CLASSIC!   Everyone needs a TSO!  (thought I saw a similar tetris sequence in the past?)

2. Light of Christmas - Owl City - Really well done variety of effects and graphics.   Feel good song!

3. Frozen mashup - great medley variety of the popular original!

4. Decorations - Bob Rivers


Other songs I have in my show that are pretty good too:

5. Frosty the snowman

6. Disco Santa - NOEL

7. The Grinch

8. Toy Sack - B52's Spoof

9. Imperial Star Wars Spoof.


Looking forward to hearing what you think is the best and I can checkout online and make a download/purchase.

Thanks!   Jay


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Good afternoon and Merry Christmas!  

Was wondering if you would share any of your sequences to include the CCR ?  

Here are the ones that I have for a 16 CCR tree:

God Bless The USA / Amazing Grace / Rockin Around the Christmas Tree / Run Run Rudolph / Wonderful Christmastime

My email is jdejean26@hotmail.com

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Would love to get a copy of your sequence for God Bless the USA.  I have been unable to do a show since 2015 but hope to get it back up this year.  The problem with age is forgetting what I use to know so trying to reacquaint myself with how everything works and gets set up, checking and replacing lights.  I have had so many people ask if I was ever going to bring it back and I figure with the year we have all been through we could really use this now.  Would love to start my show off with this song year so we can all remember how blessed we still are.  So any help would be appreciated.  I am not opposed to buying the CCR sequence but have not found one that did not have the Armed Forces Medley as a part of it.



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I am also looking for god bless the USA by lee greenwood. 16 ccr,  Plus any other sequencing

willing to share what I have (if I can remember how)

frosty, grandma got ran over, grinch, white Xmas 


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