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New PC - File Path errors.....

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My show computer died yesterday - YES, I have a full backup.....

I copies all of my files over from the backup disk to the new Light-O=Rama folder.

Everything works fine EXCEPT none of my graphics show up (graphics=jpg, gif, png files I have created to display on my matrix.

The path it is looking for is C:\Users\jamills\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Graphics\filename.ext.

But on the new PC it references things as \ThisPC instead of 😄\Users\jamills

Seems like I should need to go "someplace" and set the correct file path to my graphics folder inside the Light-O-Rama folder ---- but (perhaps in my frustration) I can't seem to find where to do that.

Can anyone help me with this information. I hate to think I have to go into every sequence and repoint the many, many, many graphics files to the new location manually.

BTW - using S5

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