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PLease help me!


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Alright, So i had these lofty goals for Halloween and they are going down the tubes. Not because im lazy, but just didnt have the time I thought I had (had twins on the 4th of july and totally misjudged what I would have time for this season, one was so much easier!) I finally finished my display today (just have to paint my castle) and have realized that now I have no time for sequences. I fired it up today and I have addams family and the beetlejuice songs............and thats it!

Does anyone have any halloween sequences that would be willing to give/sell/trade???

I'm desperate! I have 72 channels (I think) and have attached my configuration if you are interested.

Thank you


Attached files Halloween.lcc

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I uploaded four sequences (albeit they are for 16 channels) that totalled about 11-12 minutes.

The sequences could be easily modifed for 72 channels.

Disclaimer: there are no fades, just on/off as I was planning on running this off a generator and was adhering to Darryl's observation that lights did not fade well using a generator.

The sequences are (LOR II): Overture from Phantom of the Opera

This is Halloween

Monster Mash

and a cut from soundtrack from the American Werewolf in London - Metamorphosis

If you need other assistance from these, let me know via PM

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