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Baffling Error Message - Enhanced Networks...

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I began live testing last night (Yes...I'm running behind!) - in preparation for my "Grand Opening" tonight....well I'm getting an error message that makes no sense.

It is telling me that either my All Pixels group, or my Matrix (not a group) are preventing the sequence from playing because they are not on an enhanced network.

I have ALL pixels, therefore all of my 5 networks have always (and continue to be) marked as enhanced.

I have tried turning off enhanced in Network Preferences; saving it; then re-opening it and setting them back to enhanced; saving again.......still the same error.

If I remove the effects from the All Pixels group and paste them onto another group - the effete play properly, as does the entire sequence.

This only occurs when I have Control Lights enabled....the sequences play as expected in the Preview when Control Lights is not checked.


Untitled 2.png


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I think I may have figured it out. I didn't have Com Ports on the Matrix because I hadn't yet plugged it in.

I added a Com Port to the Networks I didn't have connected yet in the Network Preferences and it seems to be working now.

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LOL....but I wasn't trying to play to the lights - I knew they weren't connected.....they still aren't connected!

And yet now the sequences play!

All I did was assigned a fake Com port to the Networks. It said the networks were not enhanced...but that was not accurate.

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