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Import S4 Pixel Editor Data to S5


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I'm trying to help someone open an S4.4.2 Pro sequence that was created with the Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor and import it into S5.3.10 Pro. I've been using S5 for a year and have never come across this particular need with my own display - bringing in sequences created with the S4 Sequence Editor only work just fine. When I tell S5 to Auto Generate the preview, it only brings in the AC channels (all RGB is removed), and if I import the S4 Visualizer and assign it to that, both the RGB and AC channels appear in the preview but none of the RGB effects from the S4 Pixel Editor transfer in. I feel like the solution is to either export the preview from the S4 Pixel Editor or somehow open the .lpe file in S5, but I can't figure out how to do either of these things. I figure if importing intensity data information from the Pixel Editor into S5 isn't possible, no one with S4 RGB sequences would have upgraded, so I must not be using the right keywords to search the forums and LOR documentation. Can anyone point me towards instructions? (I'm going to continue searching in the meantime.)

Thank you!

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I never used or liked PE so I didn't have any motion effects to import.

I have not heard of any additional steps for files with PE data, or come across any, unless there was an option I didn't notice when I imported 

Are the PE files present in the sequence folder when you import. LPE  and LID.

As I recall, and it's been over a year, wasn't the intensity data put in the last row, but not editable, in blue or something. Is that present in the sequence.

I suppose you could put in a help ticket, the devs dont seem to be around here much lately 

It might be quicker to just recreate the motion effects in S5

My files came in fine with a visualizer import, but it took several attempts and mods before it was correct. AC, DC, and RGB, but no motion.

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I’ve always used PE and they’ve always imported into new LOR versions until 5.3.x. They are silent on it all and only worried about superstar. This is my last year using LOR, they succeeded in chasing me away.

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I'm having the same problem. I opened a S4 sequence and all the other channels got copied, but the pixel tree's effects, which were created with the S4 Pixel Editor, and I believe are still in the .LPE file, didn't get imported. How can I get my pixel effects copied from S4 to S5?

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Never mind, I found a solution.

The reason it didn't import the pixel effects was because the pixel tree prop was added to the preview after the sequence was converted.

The solution was to rename the sequence's .lms and .lpe files, then open this new name, then copy and paste the pixel effects.

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