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Looking for help on programming sequences

Montana Woodpecker

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Hi. I am a newbie this year. I have 32 channels and have purchased sequences from LOR but would like a few more. I feel a little intimidated on how to program sequences at least for now. I was wondering if I could hire any of you wily old vets to program some songs for my system.

I am looking for "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake and "Christmas Song" by Angel.

Thank You for any Help

Denis Leidholt aka "Montana Woodpecker"


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Welcome aboard!

For starters, you can try LORSequences.com to see if they have the song you are looking for.

After you download it (if available), you can modify the sequence to fit your display.

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There was a member doing hourly sequencing ... but he might be booked at this point.

You should minimally set up your own channel configuration and attempt to draw your house and display elements in the animator window. You then save this all into a channel configuration file (that can later be used as a starting template for each musical sequence you create).

Typically, say you create 35 channels ( a few blanks can be helpful ) for your 32 channel display. Then you setup the the names for each channel and which controller each channel attaches to. Then you import a picture of of your house (keep in 640x480 or smaller ... for S2) ... and then attempt to draw the lights and/or display items per channel onto the picture.

Then you save this off as your channel configuration for 32 channels - 2008 ...

Sorry if you have already done this.

So say you find and download a 32 channel sequence from a member or lorsequences web site.

So I normally open that sequence up, then create the number of channels at the top that will be needed for 'your display'. So say you created a 35 channel configuration file as suggested earlier. You go to the first channel of the imported sequence, then right-click and say created multiple channels above ... then specify 35 (to allow for your own 35 to be imported into the sequence without wiping out the 32 channels you got initially from the imported sequence).

Then you import your 35 channel configuration file ... then the first 35 are YOURS and then next 32 channels are the original ones ... so you can still see what was a megatree vs. what was a rooftop star vs. what was mini trees, etc.

Then you basically can cut and paste channels from the lower 32 into your upper 35 ... as you see fit. Its more complex that that, but that gives you some idea of how to proceed.

The trick is that what you start with doesn't always match 'what you got' ... so you make combine and/or mix and match as you see fit. You will love the fact you can undo most things if you try it and don't like it.

If you still decide you don't want to do the sequencing, you may still need to create the channel configuration file at a minimum ... then hand it off to your hired helper.

If you don't find anyone, I might be able to help you.

You may also want to decide if your going for blinking lights or slow fades ... as a dseign consideration for your sequences. At least for father Christmas, I could see slow fades being more appropriate, most likely. If you were doing a song like Wizards in Winter ... probably more in the blinky style. You may also want to decide if your house goes dark between music phrases or if its just constantly on and doing various fades, etc.


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Don't get over whelmed. Take it on channel by channel , second by second. Lay out your display and listen to your song and get an idea how you want it to go.

Watch some of the videos people have posted on LOR to get ideas.

When you get done it will be far more satisfiying knowing that you have done it on your own. And your display is like know one elses.

It will probably take a couple of hours per minute of song, but you still have time to do at least one song.

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