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I am currently on vacation at Walt Disney World and I saw they have some new type of smart pixel strings installed this year that I have never seen before. They look just like traditional LED light strings, only each bulb had a unique ID printed on one side and the letters ML on the other. They have them in both green and black wire color and run some pretty cool looking patterns on them. The one set of pictures shows the black ones wrapped around a dinosaur skeleton (Power supply and some controllers shown) and the other shows the green ones in nearby bushes.

The strange thing is they only look to have 2 wires going in just like any normal light string yet are definitely some type of smart pixel. All of the connectors are hidden out of sight but I would assume it is not a traditional power plug  

Has anyone seen this type of string before? They look really nice which got me wondering who makes them and how much they are.



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Your first picture (9497) is three wire, but the rest sure look like two wire.  I don't have any idea, other than Disney can afford fancy tech.


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To provide an update on this topic: to my surprise the city I live in wrapped a large tree downtown with tiny RGB lights to help raise spirits in these trying times. Upon close inspection, I found they are identical to the ones shown above at Disney. Unlike Disney, they thankfully did not care about hiding the manufacture. The lights are made by a company called “Twinkly Pro”. I can’t find any specifications as to whether these would work with a standard pixel controller, but are likely limited to the company’s own controllers. 

Interesting lights though, it looks like all the mapping is done automatically via a mobile app offering customizable patterns to control them with. 



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I think because this thing is plug and play with no sequencing required it is popular for places like Disneyland. Just set it and forget it. The chip set and voltage will determine if the strings can be controlled by an LOR controller. I bet the RGB strings are just a standard smart string with it's own Twinklypro Plug. Find out the Chip set number then check the LOR website for compatibility.


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