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Pixie16 - S5 - 2 networks


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Hi all,

Unsure if my issues are hardware or software related at this stage.

I set up a pixie16 running on a G3-mp3 on the regular network just fine. I has 14 props for MERRY CHRISTMAS. All motion effects work. All good.

I  have a second pixie16 running on the Aux 1 (second network) of the G3-mp3. Most channels have 100 nodes or just under, the SE isn't detecting any issues, however, in reality when I play the show on the G3 only a few small sections of some strings will illuminate (10 to 20 nodes).

All pixie16's have the latest firmware

S5  software is the latest update

I know it isn't alot to go on but does this sound like hardware or software/setup?





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What speed is the AuxA network configure for? 

Is it Enhanced or non-Enhanced?

Is it just the same channels that play or is it random channels that play?


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Thanks for the reply Jim.

It is enhanced, 500k however, it turned out the problem was a bad cat5 cable I had made up.

I'm actually surprised the show is running ok at the moment. 

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