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Sequence not compiling / cannot open file


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Per some advice I saw on the forums I added my three sequences into a show to compile them (and will create another show that references the files that get created), but when I get to my third sequence it errors out.


ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Cannot open file C:\LOR\LORInternal\Playback\L\GrandIllum\03 - You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.0002.65.play.lms) 

It builds the .lms and .lid files, but the .lcs is nowhere to be seen.

I verified all users have full control to that folder, and it's building the other two files so it should be working fine.

I was thinking it was preview-related because I removed a bunch of channels, but all the sequences use the same preview.

Any thoughts or should I reach out to the support team?



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Update: Saved a copy and removed the apostrophe, comma, and period, and it compiled successfully.

So if anybody else runs into the same issue, remove all punctuation before compiling!

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Boy am I glad I searched the forum before posting and also that I was a good Internet resident and posted the fix.

Had the exact same issue this year with this song. The grounds team added a few more channels to bushes and stuff, bigger main tree so more strands on it... all meant a new preview. And one controller's underground wire got cut so I had to move the ELL to another controller on a different network and put it and one of the ELL'd controllers on that network.

Reassigned the preview for all the songs, the other two compiled correctly, this one wouldn't. Used last year's file, but with all the changes there's a lot of darkness.

Feel like a dummy, but glad the fix is simple!

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12 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Note:  Hyphens and Underscores are OK, but you are right that some punctuation is a problem.


I also use the tilde ~ and it works fine too.

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