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Sharing - White December (Kylie Minogue)

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I am by no means a professional and often find myself asking or buying sequences due to lack of time and/or focus, but today I finished sequencing White December by Kylie Minogue and I am willing to share with anyone who wants it (THAT IS NOT SELLING IT - of course)  because this seems to be a newer song that is not out and about yet in our world (that I have not seen).  I cannot get some of my elements to work on the visualizer to show you because it would look crappy.  I am hoping that the more seasoned people out there would be willing to share back any edits/additions to what I have done.  Some areas I felt I was creative while others seemed to intermediate like and just couldn't think of something else.

This is all my own and willing to share for those that are not selling.  The only thing I ask for is some feedback afterwards.  Audio File is not included but can be purchased from Amazon.  Send me your email  and I will try and get it to you as quick as I can.

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I would love to give this a shot. Of course , Im not sharing or selling.

I don't ask for many but the song is great.



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