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Pinecrest Halloween 2019 Boogie


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This selection from Pinecrest Halloween 2019 begins with the Masked Dancer showing us how to Boogie. The moving spots were popular with kids, like a laser is popular with cats. More selections are on our Youtube Channel. Search Youtube for "Pinecrest Halloween" Click "Filters" and select "Channel". That's us. I learned a lot about those moving spots this year, after a rough attempt last year. The key to success is spending enough $ and having a lot of free time. That's also the key to a happy life, by the way. Since there seems to be no contests this year, I won't bother describing  hardware or software, (OK, it's S5 Pro but don't tell). The smart spider was my main project this year. The spider, itself, was born at Party City. I used up a lot of odd smart pixel strips that I had purchased online by accident with LED's closer than most 4" per pixel strips and no weatherproofing. I learned about pulling strips into protective coverings. Each leg has two strips to  produce subtle motion. The body, eyes and antennae are separate props. I'm in love with a monster. That's also the title of my favorite musical sequence of this year's show. I think I'll try pixelizing a skeleton next. I hope you enjoy the show. It's not really about the lights, you know.

Richard and Mike

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