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What upgrades will I need to use SuperStar?

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Total newbie and purchased Basic Plus license to start...

I am intrigued by the SuperStar software.  I can see the upgrade pricing for pixels..You buy yourself a number of CCR's for your price.

My first year I am just using traditonal DUMB lights.  I found a youtube video going over how to use superstar with traditional lights, so I know it exists.

I see no pricing based on 2 16 channel controllers using old lights.....

Can someone tell me what levels I have to purchase to get the superstar?  If I go to Pro, do I get it?  What level of CCR/Pixels woudl I have to pay for?


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superstar was developed for ccr.  It sells in license packages based on number of ccr.  A ccr consists of 50 rgb bulbs.  The controller for ccr has some number of macro channels as well.  This is important only to note that 1 ccr is about 175 channels.  150 for the bulbs   There are like 10 macro lines and the SS developer added a few channels on the license just in case...as he put it.

Even though it was designed for ccr you can use it for anything.  Think of it as controlling 175 channels.  You can use those channels for whatever you want.  An RGB bulb takes 3 channels.  If it is a pixel string then 3 channels per bulb or light. An AC channel on the LOR 16 channel traditional controller is one channel.  If you had a servo dog to control one servo is one channel.  Dumb rgb is 3 channels for the string. And yes you can use it for your ccr complete with macro control. 

You will need pro level of license due to channel restrictions of non pro levels as well as control of dmx devices.  You will eventually get to dmx and e 1.31 once you go to pixels.  So just get pro now.  

Superstar is cheaper today than ever.  But I recommend buying in chunks.  Upgrading superstar is easiest way to refresh your license.  Your license never expires for your current level but to get the new stuff you must refresh your license.  Upgrading superstar counts as a refresh too.   Once you get to pixels you will be adding more.  Just buy upgrades to superstar to cover your need of channels for pixels as you need it and it will refresh your license.  

I don’t know the minimum ccr license for superstar but it used to be 2 ccr.  So that would easily cover your 2 controllers. 


Good luck,


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NOTE: SuperStar DOES NOT come with any LOR Software License!  SuperStar is an ADD ON to the LOR Software Suite and REQUIRES an EXTRA COST for it's license for whatever number of CCR units you may have.


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