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This is my first year using LOR anything so I need some help fixing a network check.

I have 1 LOR 16 Chanel Residential starter pack with S5 pro (Version 5.3.8) and a cosmic color controller.

I am working in S5 and after about four and a haft hours trying to fix it. I finally figured out how to add the CCC but now it is telling me to check the network. I have already tried everything it saids to do and I thought y'all could help.

I have been trying everything to get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

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CC? (is this the new Pixie2 powered version?) of Cosmic Color Bulb/strip need to be on a faster network using the Red (485HS) dongle.

Residential starter packages ship with a Black dongle, which has to slow of a top speed (you can get HU to talk to the device,) but the show overwhelms it.

If all your CTB16 is a Gen3, you can run the network  a bit faster, but I really recommend putting Pixies on a separate-Fast (500-100K) network if the channel count get too high (you are not there YET 😛 )

Also Note: Pixie2's have ID switches, so use of HU to set ID will not survive a power cycle (if at all)

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