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HELP! Newbie here and unable to get lights to show at all!


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Hi all, 

This might sound super basic, but I am stumped and am unable to find the information to help me as everyone has more advanced problems.

I have two CTB16PC controllers, both controllers have been tested and assigned ID's  in the Hardware Utility as per the instructions, both controllers are showing a solid green light, indicating that they are set up and ready to go, but now when I play my show, the lights dont turn on at all, or when im creating my show, Im unable to get the lights to turn on/off to test and see how its going.

I have attempted to play a show via editor and scheduler and still get no lights on. I feel thats its probably just a box that i need to tick to get the lights to show but am stumped. 

When i received the equipment in March of this year, i plugged everything in, and the lights would turn on/off as i was creating my shows, with no problems at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as this is all new to me, im still learning!

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There IS a control lights tab in S5, on the right, with a control lights checkbox.

Although that wouldn't affect the show player ( I don't think)

Is Control Panel Running

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