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Questions about show editor and scheduler


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I an new and I am trying to set up a show. I can not use Simple Show builder because when I use it it does not show any of the sequence files. So I used the show editor and saved the show. When I try to use the show scheduler, I load my show files, but it does not let me save the show schedule. In fact I get two can not save show error messages. any help or direction to look at????

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This has happened to a few people when certain entries in the Windows registry got messed up. To fix this, please try the following:

(1) Close all of your Light-O-Rama programs that are running (including the LOR Control Panel in your system tray).

(2) Figure out what Windows directory your sequences are currently stored in. This might be something like "C:Documents and SettingsFredMy DocumentsLight-O-RamaSequences".

(3) Run the program "LORPost", which can be found in whatever directory you installed LOR to (typically "C:Program FilesLight-O-Rama").

(4) When LORPost asks you for the directory for your data, tell it one level ABOVE the directory you determined in step (2). For example, "C:Documents and SettingsFredMy DocumentsLight-O-Rama", i.e. leaving off the "Sequences" level from the end.

Hope this helps. If you need details on how to do any of this, please let me know.

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i'll try the lorpost.exe, but an enhancment idea would be to have a "preference" button to be able to set the locations of the files, or at least to browse thier location.

thanks for the tip.

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