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Dead time between 2 files.


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In my Show, I have music files that are between 250 and 300 MB, so I have a latency in reading 20 to 40 seconds between 2 music files, is there a solution to avoid this time out or everyone is in the dark?

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If you mean delay between sequences, then yes some of us are having the same issues. If you are using the show editor, try  in options, "sequences are loaded before all before any are played"

Play the show through once to make sure the playback files are created, after which it SHOULD play OK.

Another option is to revert to 5.2.4, manually create the playback files in sequencer and try that.

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Thank you PhilMassey for your answer, on the side of Lightorama no noise for an algorithmic improvement to the file registration?
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