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My whole set up for sale in Canada

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1 Fm Transmitter for 120.00 canadian, 11 controller boxes CTB16PC for 190.00 canadian each, 1 mini director for 70.00 canadian, 8 - 10 watts rgb flood lights with the controller with power supply all together for 300.00 canadian, 1 Showtime Central for 170.00 canadian, 1 big 50 watts rgb light with power supply for 100.00 canadian, 14 - 100 lights rgb CCP pixel for 100.00 canadian each, 3 boosters for 20.00 canadian each, 1 rgb stars for 100 canadian, 3 big stars with c9 lights for 120.00 canadian, 1000's and 1000's of c7 led lights for 1000.00 between 130 and 150 sets, Lots of extension cords in different length. I would say between 10 and 150 feet, around 140 of them for 500.00 canadian, 2 Led super white light trees 100.00 for both, 5 time 4 little white trees for 70.00 for all, 4 or 5 christmas tree for 100.00 for all, I also have the plastic for the big rgb CCP tree and the light is already in there ready for the show... this is very long to do but already done for you I also have all what you need to mount that tree 200.00.  Brand new with money exchange, duty, broker and transport worth 20000.00 canadian. Used if you add up the price I'm asking 6400.00 canadian. If you take the whole set up I would take 5000.00 canadian. Take a look at the kind of display you can make with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzNRfQVVxo8

email me at mdogil@yahoo.com


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