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Playing multiple sequences

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I have 5 sequences programmed, and want to play them in a loop. I'm not sure which software to use. (Show player?)


I'd like to be able to click on something and have all my sequences run over and over until I click stop.


Some context. I run a Haunted House and we plan to have a light show running to entertain the people standing in line. But I don't want a person dedicated to starting each sequence when the previous one stops.

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23 minutes ago, everettdael said:

If I upgrade, will I need to DL anything, I'm on extremely metered internet (I live out in the sticks), or is it just an unlock code? And what's the minimum upgrade I need to get show on demand?

Here is a comparison of the license level. http://www.lightorama.com/help/index.html?feature_comparison.htm

You will have to go to Basic Plus. Shouldn't be much to download. Pay for the upgrade and they will email you a new license number. Then go to the registration and enter the new number and I believe that will unlock the new features.

Having the show schedule is a nice feature to have.


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